Celebrate New Beginnings

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Celebrate New Beginnings

In the spirit of ringing in the new year, we would like to take this opportunity to create a more profound relationship with our readers. In doing so, our aim this year is to really showcase what DeeCilla has done for others and what we can do for you. One of the most important values we like to demonstrate here at DeeCilla is to “invest in yourself.” The best way for us to highlight the lengths we go to help our survivors essentially “bask in the fruits of their labor” is to share the story of one of our lovely women at DeeCilla.

We would particularly like to share the story of one of our survivors whom we will call Natasha. As a survivor seeking transitional housing and additional help to get back on her feet, Natasha came to us at DeeCilla. As we do with all our survivors, we opened up our assistance programs to her and helped her develop her goals with an efficient path to achieve them.

Natasha was given the opportunity to create her own “vision board” to kick off her goal-setting/achieving process. Upon initially analyzing hers, the consensus was that some goals were unfortunately not within reach at the time. However, DeeCilla was able to help Natasha develop more realistic methods of approach to her goals using our available resources.

Amongst Natasha’s achievements is her ownership of the vehicle featured in the image above! It was through her investment of hard work and planning with which Natasha was able to be a car owner. Similarly, it is important to highlight how frequently Nat studies to meet her academic and personal goals. This is something she continues to work on to this day!

At DeeCilla, we love to celebrate your celebrations. What better way to showcase this value than to present Natasha’s wonderful achievements and milestones? This is only a glimpse of the important pillars to success and growth at DeeCilla. Natasha’s story aligns with many of the values DeeCilla stands for, including that of starting fresh. With that being said, we shared this story to highlight Natasha’s success and simultaneously put forth the concept of a fresh start to coincide with the start of the new year!