Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Celebrating Progress and Empowerment

In light of Domestic Violence Awareness month, it is ideally appropriate to honor our very own resourceful programs at DeeCilla Comfort Center and our special partners. DeeCilla’s Resource Center is dedicated to providing integrative services for individuals who need access to housing, food, counseling, and recovery programs. Fortunately, these programs have assisted in creating a healthy community for domestic abuse survivors and aids in the prevention of abuse for vulnerable populations.

DeeCilla Center works closely with Kaity’s Way in combating and preventing dating violence and promoting healthy relationships. Kaity’s Way has been the first successful organization in Arizona to shed light on teen dating violence and provide education for healthy relationships. This non-profit is founded on the idea of P.E.A.C.E. (patience, empathy, acceptance, caring, equality) respectively. With these elements, Kaity’s Way has been able to flourish since 2008 through educational presentations and resourceful programs. Through this collaboration staff, volunteers, and DCC’s housing program participants become better equipped to identify risks and warning signs of dating violence and form healthy relationships. To learn more about Kaity’s Way, visit,

Access to menstrual hygiene products and education is very important to DeeCilla Comfort Center and our partner Go With the Flow. Based in Arizona, Go With the Flow was founded to provide students with period packs containing necessary menstrual products to prevent students from having their education interrupted by the anxiety that can arise from not having access to these essential items. Students in participating schools are granted access to these products and Go With the Flow is committed to supplying schools whenever they are running low. This organization has impacted DeeCilla Comfort Center’s mission immensely by providing both residential and nonresidential clients monthly products, allowing recipients to focus on work, school, and family goals. Get involved !

Arizona’s Children Association has set out to protect children and strengthen families. With programs catered to foster care, behavioral health, family preservation, kinship, and education, the ACA is able to target a better future for communities. Thanks to these programs, so many lives have been changed, including the families of DeeCilla Comfort Center who have successfully completed a series of parenting workshops to enhance parent-child relationships and promote childhood development. Learn more at !

Located in Avondale, Arizona, the Word of Life Christian Center has been able to contribute to helping families throughout these unprecedented times. This local church has set out to feed families in need as frequently as twice a week with the developed faction Feed the Need. Like many, they believe no family should go hungry and have recognized the setbacks people experience. Through this newly formed partnership, DeeCilla Comfort Center is able to provide over 50 meals per week, covering over 70 miles, all done by volunteers. For more information and to find out how you can contribute, check out their values here !

This October we celebrate two successful years of Changing Lives One Day At A Time! This year, despite COVID-19, we established two transitional homes to provide vulnerable families the opportunity to begin the transformation to independent living. Our “Journey Home” program connects participants with the right resources and coaches to encourage and empower them along their recovery journey. During their stay, residents obtain program support to promote mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health and wellness. Our community has greatly aided our ability to provide such services thanks to the support from volunteers, nonprofits, local businesses, and social groups like the Chit Chat Ladies of Sun City West and Human Services Professionals (West).

Independently, and with our close partnerships, we have managed to build an ideal community for the path to a great recovery.