Domestic Violence on College Campuses & Its Implications

Domestic Violence on College Campuses & Its Implications

As the years have gone by, we have seen more and more media coverage about the normalization of “rape culture” and things of that nature on college campuses. Unfortunately, what is being reported is bad news all around. Today we take a dive into this information to gain a better understanding of how such atrocities manifest and the implications that ensue.

It doesn’t take much research to discover that “rape culture” in America has become increasingly normalized, especially in recent years. One might wonder how such a thing can manifest, but once the conversation unfolds, it’s easy to see why. Many college students have reported that campus administrations are quite literally notorious for handling rape cases poorly. Some report that survivors are often left to deal with their circumstances by themselves with little to no professional help in any meaningful capacity. Additionally, it is because of this that abusers are never held responsible and are essentially enabled to continue such atrocities.

There are many ways in which these situations can ensue. Other unhealthy behaviors that manifest on college campuses can also be seen in the development and perpetuation of toxic relationships of all sorts. Many adolescents are unaware they are in a toxic or abusive relationship because they are being manipulated into staying. It is for this reason our survivors at DeeCilla are getting younger and younger. Part of this can be attributed to the fact that there is a lack of proper sexual health education.

College campuses can often be a breeding ground for psychological abuse and all kinds of coercion in relationships. These tactics often look like gaslighting and emotional manipulation. An abusive partner will also often be very overbearing on one’s daily routines and interfere with the relationships and personal connections of the other party. This is all to have as much control over someone as possible.

It is thoroughly unfortunate that some of these relationships never really end and can affect the relationships a parent has with their child. A couple who has been in an abusive relationship since adolescence often carries their unhealthy behaviors into their parenting habits. From this, their children become susceptible to the same issues in the future, thus causing an incessant cycle of abusive dynamics. For this reason, it is important to develop methods to educate against such behaviors and provide access to efficient help resources like many nonprofits do. In addition to our site and services, it is highly recommended that you and your peers look at the National Domestic Violence site ( for more information regarding this prevalent issue.