Giving Back!

Giving Back!

Giving Back and Strengthening Communities

As the holidays approach us it is important to bring to light ways in which we can give back to our communities and highlight causes dedicated to doing so. It goes a long way when we can all help out our peers in a time meant to be grateful and cherished. To uphold that notion, DeeCilla has decided to focus on causes for giving back and contributing to a movement of global generosity with Giving Tuesday, a day of giving back, right around the corner on December 1st.

When people think of ways in which they can make a contribution towards their community, they often think of it from a monetary lens in the form of donations. Although this does go a long way and is greatly appreciated, it is important to recognize other ways in which any person can take part in cherishing and giving back to their community. The most obvious form of giving back is by volunteering. Given our challenging times this may be slightly more difficult to become a part of, but never impossible. DeeCilla Comfort Center offers both online forms of volunteering alongside in-person volunteering opportunities. With our partnerships at DeeCilla, you can get involved with the local community and bring in essential items like backpacks, household supplies and menstrual products in addition to monetary donations if one desires.

Saving materials which are of no use to you and giving it to those who do is always a good way to go. These efforts are always appreciated and if it is within your means, new items and materials are also encouraged and appreciated as they are received less and go a long way. Getting involved with local neighbors to babysit for busy single mothers or eldersit for those needing any kind of health or personal support is a wholesome and meaningful act ideal for the time of year. Performing a set of chores, including yard and garden work can help beautify your communities and strengthen bonds with other volunteers close to you.

Volunteering to cook and serve meals for local communities will help bring together the people that make up the functional society not only to share a meal or provide for future meals, but to strengthen the relationships between individuals. Refurbishing housing and institutions is something that is often needed and appreciated as well. In DeeCilla’s home state of Arizona, there are housing areas that need refurbishing of fences for children and families which are actively looking for volunteers to do so. Browsing online for opportunities to help out your local areas will often result in the discovery of wonderful opportunities to not only help and give back to your community, but to remind ourselves of the friends right outside our doors and the relationships we turn to during the time of year. Though these opportunities are especially highlighted during this time of year, never forget that giving back always has a significant impact. For further information and connections to start giving back and getting involved, check out