Holiday Comfort…

Holiday Comfort…

Coming Together and Spreading Love

The holiday season is officially here and communities from all over the nation are coming together to spread love and care for one another. Even though this may be the case for most families, it isn’t always necessarily the case for all of us. It is important to show a little extra love for our survivors during this time of year. This isn’t to say that no survivor has a family to turn to during this time, but there are plenty who may feel isolated at this time of year especially. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in our own worlds and not consider the situations of our neighbors whom we can comfort.

Trends and statistics demonstrate that this time of year can be especially difficult for survivors who don’t have a family or even a home. We can all work to help them by not only connecting them to resources they may need but being profoundly present in offering our time and love. Many single mothers who happen to be survivors and have children struggle to find comfort year-round. Whether that be struggling to find monetary means for support and housing or just some affection from close ones. Fortunately, this is generally something DeeCilla Center and other organizations can offer a helping hand in, however, the process can be a little more challenging when it seems like most people’s attention is drawn elsewhere.

With that being said, we should shift the focus on the importance of making new connections and the impact that our attention can have, especially to promote inclusivity and affection during this time of year. Some of the ways we can contribute to our survivors, in addition to financial means and housing, etc., is by offering our time to spend with them. We can sit down and really listen to them in an effort to help them feel better with any holiday or general struggles. We can take this time of year to spread holiday cheer in numerous ways like these. Additionally, we can always gather neighboring survivors for a meal or a night around the campfire. If you know of someone who needs help or comfort right now, set aside some time to buy or brew them a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. Sharing a warm cup of joy can help everyone feel appreciated and comforted.

If you would like to contribute something tangible, warm blankets, cozy clothes, and essential items will make a special impact for someone who needs them. Make sure to check your local comfort centers and consider your neighboring survivors to make a successful and meaningful contribution. Also, consider children who could use a little extra holiday cheer this time of year. Many of them receive previously used toys and supplies when people make tangible contributions and though these are greatly appreciated, they don’t often receive new toys and supplies. If you or someone you know is able to set aside some money to contribute a new toy or a new backpack, it would have a profound impact on children and their parents who struggle to acquire new items and essentials.

Hopefully, this was able to inspire some seasonal cheer and pushed you to help a soul out however you can. Though it may sometimes go unrecognized, having a conversation, sharing a meal, or contributing an essential item to someone who needs it will certainly go a long way. Remember we must always listen to our survivors, share our affection, and develop a unique plan to lend a helping and comforting hand. The simplest of things have the potential to bring us all together as one big happy family, and we don’t all need to be blood-related. So listen closely to survivors, spread the faith, and share your love because there’s plenty to go around!