Marching Towards Success!

Marching Towards Success!

As a non-profit organization dedicated to improving quality of life and personal status, DeeCilla Comfort Center takes organizational strategy and effective planning seriously. During this time of year, we take stock in current operations coming to a close while we simultaneously begin the organizational planning process for the start of our next (and 4th) fiscal year beginning in October 2022.

Our spring planning system predominantly consists of evaluating and revitalizing our programs to adjust them according to the needs of our residents. As we perfect our best methods, we set aside time to recruit dedicated and passionate volunteers. We also consider the performance of current board members and how to increase efficacy while adding to our leadership team. This is the best way to ensure the best possible care for our survivors.

Along with our search for volunteers and board members, DeeCilla values the relationships we build with trusted community partners. This is why we take the time to reach out to groups and individuals who have a strong desire to help survivors make a healthy transition into freedom from previous challenges. At DeeCilla Comfort Center, we make conscious efforts to engage with other nonprofits, agencies, schools, and faith-based communities with which we share the same goals. Collaboration and a sense of community is key to forming the relationships necessary for healing.

Evidently, early planning is something we take very seriously because it’s often at the forefront of our success as a nonprofit. Not only do these efforts directly contribute to the success of our residents, but they pave the way for efficient productivity amongst our volunteers and board members. With strategic planning set in place, we have the capacity to fully train new volunteers before residents arrive to be a part of our program. We stress hands-on training during the summer to equip our volunteers with the skills to best understand and connect to our mission and therefore the needs of our residents.

From our own experience, and that supported by previous research, early methods of planning have proved the best way for nonprofits to achieve their goals. Predetermined organization helps volunteers operate better and residents to get the most of our programs. Operations and meetings generally tend to run more smoothly when there is planning and cooperation intertwined. When we work together, we can carry out plenty of fundraisers, supply drives, and other volunteer efforts to provide for survivors!

To learn more about our goals and how you can become a part of our mission, feel free to contact us through our website (, email (, or phone number ((623) 440-6993). We look forward to hearing from you!