Paving the Way For Hispanic Strength

Paving the Way For Hispanic Strength

There’s no time like Hispanic Heritage Month to bring to light conversations about Hispanic and Latinx domestic struggles. Alongside this, it is also key to demonstrate ways in which anyone can contribute support and redirect helpful resources to those in need. With that said, there are plenty of resources and organizations which cater specifically to domestic issues unique to ethnic communities, here are just a few: 

Chicanos Por La Causa
Cesar Chávez led a confrontational movement against Latin oppression with Chicanos Por La Causa. Founded in 1969 in Phoenix, Arizona it has become one of the largest nonprofit Hispanic organizations in the country. CPLC aims to promote a stronger and healthier Hispanic community within the U.S. by offering health resources, economic development, housing, and education for those in need. 

The Committee for Hispanic Families and Children 
The CHFC is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Hispanic families and children. While it is clear that minorities like Hispanics may face unique challenges, this organization has set out to implement programs needed to address low-income family needs. Additionally, the CHFC focuses on youth education systems, immigrant services, and STD education and prevention in critical areas. 

National Hispanic Medical Association 
The NHMA was developed to properly care for and improve healthcare conditions for Hispanics and other underserved groups. Based in the nation’s capital, the NHMA is able to provide policymakers with expert information in supporting and catering to the Hispanic community to better address their health needs. The association represents 36,000 licensed Hispanic physicians in the country.

Unidos U.S.
A great organization to turn to for a strong voice for Hispanics and Latinx individuals. Unidos US, formerly known as National Council of La Raza, is a nonpartisan organization founded for elevating the Hispanic community through research and advocacy for their political and civic issues. Unidos US addresses injustices in Latin civil rights, immigration, education, health, and housing. 

Hispanic Women’s Corporation
WC is a non-profit known for the empowerment of Latina women. Through community involvement, education, professional advancement, and leadership, HWC has succeeded in guiding women towards a better quality of life and positions of leadership. This model organization serves as a great resource for women seeking help in professional, educational, and economic stability and independence. 

With organizations like these and many more, Hispanic communities may continue to flourish and develop the resources needed to overcome cultural barriers and thrive.