Stories That Connect Us

The heart beat of DeeCilla Comfort CenterTM

The Story Behind the Name: Compassion In Your Time of Need

The DeeCilla Comfort CenterTM is named after Desiree Priscilla Randolph-Scott, and her twin brother, Demetrius Aquila Randolph. They carry the names and embody the spirit of compassion and love of Aquila and Priscilla who worked and traveled with the apostle Paul, in the Bible. Aquila and Priscilla, along with Paul, worked to establish the church in Corinth and was known for opening their homes in working with others in faith and the work of Christ.

The church in Corinth was chosen by God to teach others what it meant to follow Christ. Aquila and Priscilla were known for their compassion and love towards others, as they opened their homes, especially to those attempting to escape persecution from the Roman Empire. They were ordinary people, tent makers, that did great work in the spirit of Christ, just by showing the love of Christ to those in need.

desiree and demetrius

In the true spirit of their names, Desiree and Demetrius have spent their lives showing love and compassion to those they encounter. Never in their presence will you find yourself feeling alone, hungry, or unsheltered. Always willing to open their door and most importantly, their hearts, to anyone in need, making you feel welcome as if their home was also yours. Once encountering them, it is for certain that your life will be changed forever. You will not leave the way you came.
When you enter DeeCilla Comfort CenterTM aim to pass along what has been taught and demonstrated, to you. Genuine compassion and the love of Christ. Reminding you that you are loved and important, therfore you shall receive the care you deserve in you time of need.

Our Values


As believers, we understand that spreading “The Good News” of Jesus Christ can be accomplished by giving what has been given to us. We aim to live and operate according to The Gospel according to Matthew 25:35-40. Through grace, mercy, and love, we will serve those who are hungry, thirsty, displaced naked, sick and shut in.

Community Engagement

We believe that God commanded us to love our neighbor (Matthew 22:39). We believe we have a responsibility to be active participants in the community, working to make a difference in not just the lives of those who we chose to see, daily, but also to the ones we do not see.

Diversity Inclusion

We believe that God is the only One who creates, according to Genesis. Therefore, we believe that all mankind were created by God and should be treated as such irrespective of anyone’s personal biases. God commanded us to love one another, to love our neighbor, thus we believe and will live accordingly, never withholding love, grace, or mercy to those we encounter, irrespective of race, color, creed, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political preference, or financial status.

Bridging Communities

We believe residents should feel a sense of connection to not only those within the center but also the external community. Knowing there is a community in support of their recovery, we believe, will encourage and empower them to continue on the challenging road ahead, therefore community relationships and partnerships are essential to our mission.
We aim to be a hub to connect external agencies and resources not only with our residents, but with each other. As a resource hub, we believe that by bridging communities, we will create a greater community for our community, making unfamiliar resources known and available to a greater population.

Relationships Matter

God said that it was not meant for man to be alone, therefore, he created him a helpmate. While most refer to this solely on the terms of marriage, we also understand God’s emphasis on relationships and partnerships. We value the importance of relationships and those that God places in our lives to remind us of who He is. Therefore, we believe in first having a loving relationship with God as he commands (Matthew 22:37-38). Through loving God with all our heart and mind, we are able to demonstrate the same to our residents. We believe that in order to effectively overcome trauma and live a happy purpose-filled life, everyone needs healthy connections and relationships.
Through our community partners and sponsors, we aim to obtain support for various areas of our mission. As partners or sponsors make contributions to the center, our goal is for partners to sponsor a needed area. This area would carry the name of the sponsor, reminding residents of the community that stands behind them in their road to recovery.

Heal Not Hurt

We believe that Christ through his Holy Spirit, has given us the power to heal others, therefore, through our gifts, God has graced us with, we aim to be healing vessels for those we serve. We believe in being rightful stewards of our gifts and talents to help others, rather than using them for selfish gain or with personal biases which would further hurt those we are called to serve. We believe that no one should feel hurt by those who are called to help bring healing to their life

Living As Examples

We believe the greatest witness of Christ and his love are those who embody it and live according to His word therefore, we believe in demonstrating godly love and principles to all we encounter. It is not enough to say we believe in Christ or walk into a “service” on our day of worship, but to live this life every day and in everything we do. We should be living examples for others to see and follow as this is the greatest way to physically allow those who do not know God to see, feel, and experience Him. Our “light” should lead people to Christ rather than away from Him.

Our Facility

We believe that as caregivers of God’s house, it comes with a responsibility to care for His people. The New Testament church should be a place where people feel safe, protected, and loved. As God our refuge (Psalm 46), then we believe that so should His house be.

Partner with us to “Change Lives One Day At A Time”