The Journey to Self Love

The Journey to Self Love

There are a number of things to celebrate during the month of February. >From Black History Month to Presidents Day to Valentine’s Day. Something these occasions all have in common is the notion of appreciation, which happens to be related to a very important pillar DeeCilla wishes to instill this month. During the month of February, we have made it our mission to demonstrate what “self love” should look and feel like.

At DeeCilla, we’ve made it abundantly clear to our residents how much we cherish them and their accomplishments. In doing so, we have helped them further their journey of self discovery through teaching them the best ways to love and respect themselves. Our beloved founder Shawanda has developed an elaborate curriculum designed to help our residents achieve their personal goals of self love. You can gain further insight on this 9-week plan on our site at or by finding the book Fresh Manna: Journey To A New Beginning on Amazon!

Our resourceful curriculum coupled with the values instilled at DeeCilla, offer a great stepping stone for our residents to establish personal boundaries as well. With learning how to practice healthy self love and respect, comes the ability to draw boundaries where needed. At DeeCilla, we demonstrate how important it is to prioritize your own well-being, because it’s often easy to lose sight of oneself when in a vulnerable position.

Professionals working alongside or independent from DeeCilla Comfort Center can confirm the dangers of neglecting oneself in any capacity. This is precisely why we are dedicated to helping survivors understand the significance of saying “yes” to themselves more often. To develop a healthy relationship with oneself, it’s important to invest more into needs and desires. We hope to close the month of February having our residents grow further into themselves. After all, our program aims to use its main pillars Education, Encouragement and Empowerment to solidify the core value of self love.

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness”
— Robert Morley