Transitional Housing

Heal, Not Hurt

We believe that Christ through His Holy Spirit, has given us power to heal others, therefore, through our gifts God has graced us with, we aim to be healing vessels for those we serve. We believe in being rightful stewards of our gifts and talents to help others, rather than using them for selfish gain or with personal biases which would further hurt those we are called to serve. We believe that one one should feel hurt by those who are called to help bring healing to their life.

Thank you for your interest in DeeCilla Comfort Center’s Transitional Housing Program.

Since 2018, DeeCilla Comfort Center has had the distinct pleasure of supporting displaced women and children who have encountered abuse. Our transitional housing program services have served those who needed long-term support to gain the proper tools and resources to overcome their challenges and restart their lives with a new since of hope, faith, and independence.

Upon the graduation of our summer 2023, cohort, DeeCilla Comfort Center has decided to temporarily suspend our transitional housing programs. This was not an easy decison for the ministry, yet a necessary one. Our ministry, primarily operating on community support, has taken a subtantial hit with the recent economical changes. Therefore, we must take the steps needed to reset, reorganize, and relaunch to provide for those in and around our community.

During this time, DeeCilla Comfort Center will continue to provide many of its services to community members through our outreach programs. The same programs and most of the services offered within the transitional homes, will be offered through connections with agencies/organizations such as local churches/ministries, nonprofits, schools, apartments, and more as we continue to serve the underserved communities to stop and prevent abuse from impacting the lives of our future generations.

If you are connected with one of the above mentioned agencies and would like assistance for yourself or others within the agency, please contact our office, at

The Journey Home

Take the Next Step Towards Independence

Deecilla Comfort Center’s Transitional Housing Program Provides A Safe Place To Begin The Transformation To Independent Living For Our Most Vulnerable Community Members.

DeeCilla Comfort Center The Journey Home

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We are changing lives but hearing the stories of those we touch, changes our lives even more. Meet Naomi, one of our Journey Home Program Participants